Kevin Rose Announces fforward, A Weekly Tech/Geek Culture Show

Digg founder Kevin Rose, after confirming that he’s leaving Diggnation at the end of this year, is now announcing his new show. It’s fforward – pronounced “forward” – and you can sign up to be notified of the launch now.

The new show will be launching in a couple of months, Kevin tells me, “as a weekly live streaming tech/geek culture show.” Rose says he’ll be the primary host of fforward, but will have guests on to debate topics and demo new products.

Here’s what Kevin has to say about Diggnation: “It’s been five years, Alex and I still have fun doing the show, but I think we’re both ready for less travel and something new (Alex currently lives in LA). ffoward is going to be unlike any show I’ve ever done, I’m excited to try some new ideas w/a live streaming audience. Diggnation will continue till the end of this year, we’ll be having a huge final live show sometime in November or December.”

Maybe someone should tell Revision3, which is still claiming no final decision has been made on Diggnation (see update to our post last week) and slammed us for having “incorrect information” when we wrote that Rose was leaving the show. The good news for them – fforward will be on Revision3 as well.

You can follow fforward on Twitter here.

Update: Revision3’s statement: “Kevin will be wrapping his involvement as a regular co-host of Diggnation at the end of 2010. The future of Diggnation will be determined sometime in the Fall. We have been talking to Kevin about fforward for some time now and are very excited about this new and very innovative project.”