Who Wants To Be A Tech Star? (Awesome Video)

Fans of the Richter Scales’ work will love this, too. Last year investment banker Terence Kawaja had a music video produced (to the tune of American Pie) celebrating the death of old media. This year he turned things up a notch and went upbeat – lip syncing entrepreneurs singing a song called Tech Star – a parody on Nickelback’s famous Rockstar video from 2007.

I’ve embedded both videos below. And Kawaja has a gift for you if you think you know your stuff – guess as many of the entrepreneurs that you see in the Tech Star video and put your results in the comments. Whoever gets the most right will win a Flip MinoHD camera. I’ll start things off for you by pointing out Fox/News Corp. exec Adam Bain early in the video jokingly complaining about his boss.

Tech Star:


Mad Avenue Blues: