Post-it Index Cards: A ray of light in our otherwise dreary day

You can tell when someone is in love with office products when they actually “test” them in real life situations. Take OfficeSupplyGeek’s look at the Post-It index cards he found at Staples. These mysterious cards can be applied to walls, wood, and dry erase boards and are, for all intents and purposes, basically index cards with stickiness on them. But aren’t they so much more?

Best of all was his testing regimen. It included, but was not limited to, removing and replacing the cards over 50 times. How many times would you have tested these things? 5? 7? I know, right?

I was impressed when I did a test of the stickiness of the Post-it index cards. I applied and removed one card to a flat wooden surface over 50 times before there was a noticeable difference in the strength of the bond between the index card and the surface. I repeated the test on different areas of the wood surface to make sure it was picking up as much filth as possible, so it was quite impressive. You could probably move it more than 50 times, but I thought that might be the limit of what someone would actually do with these.

Godspeed you, OfficeSupplyGeek. You go boldly where no one else dares and you are all the better for it.