Mad Catz rocks out with new Rock Band 3 accessories

With the release of Rock Band 3, there’s the inevitable flood of third party peripherals (many better quality then the ones that come with the game). Mad Catz announced their latest line of products, including a wireless keyboard, a Fender Mustang Pro controller, and a MIDI adapter that’ll let a musician use their real keyboard to play the Rock Band 3 game. String tie not included.

First up, the wireless keyboard. Mad Catz put together a keyboard based on a true professional keyboard, allowing the device to either be played on a flat surface, or even strapped over the players shoulder. Just make sure you have your shoulder pads on. Retail for the keyboard controller is expected to come in at $79.99

Mad Catz also announced the Fender Mustang PRO controller, which allows a player to rock out using a full 17 frets on the neck, and a 6 string strumming area allowing a player to pick individual strings and potentially cut off or mute notes as needed. Regardless, this sounds like one of the most advanced “toy” guitar devices we’ve seen yet. Expect to pay $149.99 for the Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar.