This Is How You Do a Global Meetup [Video]

From Bangalore, India, to Sofia, Bulgaria, to Los Angeles, California and back to San Francisco, our network of readers threw an unforgettable, global, TechCrunch birthday bash. As a thank you and tribute to our readers, we’ve put together a brief video to highlight your efforts. Video above.

According to Meetup, the final tally was 360 meetups on Friday, with more than 4,400 attendees.

There was no dominant format. Some featured full-blown agendas complete with panels and startup presentations, others offered TechCrunch Jeopardy and many, simply featured beer. American Fork, Utah, which did not offer beer or Jeopardy, was still home to possibly the largest TechCrunch event with more than 500 attendees, according to organizer Dan Garfield (manager of online marketing for OrangeSoda).  The meetup, which featured musical acts, the consumption of more than 1200 hotdogs and sausages and a dancing man in an orange, full-body spandex suit, was part-barbecue, part-block party, and all held in OrangeSoda’s parking lot. You can find their full video here.

Meanwhile, more than 8,000 miles away, underneath a section of scaffolding in Bangalore, India, nearly 150 people gathered to discuss the latest technologies and listen to presentations from local startups. Further south, in Jakarta, Indonesia, 99 attendees showed up, including representatives from Admob and Yahoo Indonesia, to discuss Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Koprol, the investment climate, and how to do business abroad.

In Brussels, Belgium more than a dozen readers gathered at a bar named Au Soleil, while in Tokyo, attendees celebrated a man (who for one reason or another, that may or may not be related to TechCrunch) dressed as a storm trooper, and finally, in New York, attendees took advantage of a four-foot tall ice luge.  Yes, it was strange, yes, it was wonderful, and yes, this post doesn’t have a lot to do with “technology news,” but we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next year.

UPDATE – One more video from the New York Meet-up. Thanks, Yext!