Weekend Giveaway: An HTC Incredible from Skyfire – UPDATED with winner

You know you want it. You know you need it: A Droid Incredible running on Verizon of your very own. How can you get one? Well, our friends at Skyfire totally want to give you one. Click through for more information.

Skyfire, the company that released the first Flash-video enabled Android browser last month want to celebrate the browsers success in style, watching some of their favorite videos on a mobile device. And, they’ll let you do the same thing, even for one lucky TechCrunch reader who might not be incredible enough to have an Android.

Skyfire’s gotten pretty big on Android already, it’s one of the most popular third-party browsers on the market. Plus, they want to bring it to iPhone soon. If they do – they’ll be the first and only company to calm Steve Jobs issues with Flash by coding all video into HTML5 in the cloud before it hits your phone.

While all you Skyfire fans hit your favorite Flash video sites and let Skyfire do the heavy data-lifting, we’ll update one of you with the incredible news that you’ve won an HTC incredible thanks to Skyfire.

And, keep your eyes peeled – Skyfire might just be the ones to give the world some Flash on Apple devices.

To win, just comment. We’ll pick one lucky winner. Comment only once – duplicate comments or commenters – even comments from the same IP address – will be thrown out. We’ll pick a winner on Monday at 9am Eastern. They’ll ship the Incredible anywhere in the world, but you’ll only be able to use it in the US of A.

UPDATE – Congrats to Mike G, today’s winner. 3000+ entries. Wow.