It's time to settle lawsuits and chew bubble gum – and I'm all out of bubble gum

Duke Nukem Forever, a title subject to more delays, controversies, and lawsuits than Rockstar’s notorious Grand Theft Baby, may finally see a release. Well, there’s actually no reason to think that will happen, except that now there’s nothing actively preventing its release — except, of course, the fact that the game was never finished. The lawsuits between Take Two and 3D Realms has been dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning the plaintiff can no longer pursue the issue.

Whether they settled for money, love, or just out of sheer exhaustion is not clear, but if the former team members wanted to complete the game on their own time, nothing stands in the way of their releasing it. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a full game, personally, but I’d say there’s a 90% chance that we’ll see a playable version of what they did complete.

Could this mean we’ll see this on even more vaporware lists? I thought Episode 3 and the Phantom game console were going to be pretty much king of the hill now. It’s a comeback!