The Guardian case from M-Edge is a life jacket for the Kindle

Whenever I head to the community pool, I usually take a book to read. It works well to hide my wandering eyes, but also gives me something to look at when I would otherwise be ‘distracted’. Recently I have seen a few Kindles floating around at the pool, great idea, but I couldn’t see taking that expensive device any further than my front porch.

That’s the same thing M-Edge thought when creating the Guardian case for the Amazon Kindle. This case coming in at $80, is not cheap, but it’s a waterproof case for your Kindle and it’s going to protect something that costs $260. Another thing that’s cool about it is that it floats. Internal air chambers keep your Kindle bobbing in case aggressive play begins.

Wired makes a note that you can’t get access to the power button, so if you have the device auto-turnoff, you’ll have to open the case to turn it back on. Nonetheless, if you consider yourself a rough user of the kindle then maybe you need to pick one up.

[via Gizmodo]