Video Featuring An iPad, iPhone, Facebook And Twitter. Also, A Wedding.

We’ve seen a marriage proposal on an iPad (again, congratulations Zach, you dork) but what we hadn’t seen yet – although I’m pretty sure this isn’t a first – is an actual wedding ceremony riddled with iPads, iPhones, status updating on Facebook and Twitter and whatnot.

My wife would have called everything off if I would have even suggested such a thing, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Congratulations to both of them. Live long and prosper.

After some hardcore investigative journalism, I found the Apple fanboi officiant on Twitter and TwitPic, and also discovered the Twitter accounts of the guy and the girl that got hooked.

Here’s the tweet that was sent during the ceremony and here’s the picture the groom took to go along with it (both embedded below for good measure).

(Thanks for the heads up, Edible Apple)