Today's Guardian is The Guardian re-imagined for the iPad

We’ve seen how The New York Times became enraged by the audacity of the Pulse iPad application [iTunes] to use its RSS feed in one of the best news readers to appear on that device. Controversially, the app was pulled by Apple after the NYT complained, despite being lauded by Steve Jobs. It’s now been reinstated, without the NYT as a default feed. So consider a different scenario: the newspaper that embraces new technology and new ways of reading to the betterment of its audience and the subsequent deep engagement it could garner.

That’s what I think has just happened with Today’s Guardian, a new web app from London-based, freelance developer Phil Gyford. This is basically The Guardian newspaper re-imagined in a very reader-friendly format. It could almost be an iPad app.

It looks great on a normal web browser, and though it works, an even friendlier iPad version is on its way. But Today’s Guardian has been made possible not by a simple RSS feed but by The Guardian’s Open API, which launched last year. It’s actually odd that they never thought of doing this themselves.

But the advantage for The Guardian is that Today’s Guardian will still serves its adverts. Gyford blogs in depth about the app here.

Feast your eyes on this.