Spain's David Villa: That second goal against Poland was something out of a video game

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Continuing with our (well, my) nearly non-stop World Cup coverage! Spain beat Poland yesterday 6-0 in Murcia. It was an awesome display, and an illustration of why Spain are the favorites to win the tournament. And yes, there is a tech connection~! That second goal, my word…

The goal, embedded here for your viewing pleasure, was called by Barcelona striker David Villa “something out of a video game.” And even then you’d still probably need like the Xavi or Iniesta of video gaming to pull off a goal like that in FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. I sure as heck couldn’t. The fanciest I get with my soccer gaming is maybe chipping the goalkeeper, or a one-two pass here and there.

This is not the first time that professional footballers have compared their handiwork to their video game counterparts. You’ll recall that Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola (a former player himself, don’t forget) called Leo Messi a “PlayStation player” after a Champions League game against Arsenal back in April.

Two days and counting…

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