Microsoft expands Games on Demand service to non-Live titles

The number of games on Microsoft’s Games on Demand service has, historically, been rather less than on Steam and even (paradoxically) less ambitious digital delivery services like Direct2Drive and GamersGate. It’s the Games for Windows Live layer, stupid! What is it good for? Keeping title selection thin, obviously. But they’ve decided to change things up.

Seeing that perhaps a GfWL layer might better be advertised as a value-add rather than a necessary component, Microsoft is opening up its digital delivery system to non-GfWL games. They’re kicking off the expansion of the store with a sale on Prince of Persia games, specifically The Sands of Time and Warrior Within &mdsah; both cost $2.49, which is a hell of a price. Now’s a good chance to grab them as gifts or just rainy day games if you never played them.

There’s also the new PoP game, but I think I’ll wait for the price to come down. $50? Not so much! I liked the reboot, though.