iOS usage around the world: US has 3.45% iPhone/iPad/Touch penetration

Our buddy Jack Deneut of Nelso looked at some of the AdMob mobile metrics reporting and came away with an interesting look at the penetration of iPhone/Touch/iPad (iOS) around the world. The biggest user of iPhones by population? You’ll never guess.

Jack looked at the total numbers and compared it to population. For example, China has .05% penetration with 922,138 iPhones and Touches in a population of 1,338,612,968 while the US has 18 million devices in a population of 309 million for 3.45% penetration.

The real winner is, however, Singapore with 480,950 devices – including 1453 iPads – with a population of 4 million for a penetration of 8.08%. Jack writes:

Singapore looks like the big winner here, with over eight percent of the population using an iPhone device. Assuming these device numbers are low, and that 25% of the population is either under 15 or over 65, iPhone use among young(ish) men in Singapore must be impressive indeed.

You can run your own stats on AdMob’s site but Jack’s work is pretty cool.

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