Dual-time: Watches with multiple faces

Ariel at aBlogtoRead posted a thorough list of almost every single watch out there with multiple faces – and there are a lot. The convertible watch has always been the holy grail for collectors and some of the pieces, like the JLC Reverso and the freakshow Cartier Santos Triples are classically crazy while ones like the Montblanc Timewriter, after the jump, just look scary.

Probably the closely thing that exists to a true watch transformer, the Montblanc Timewriter 1 Metamorphosis is an ultra complex and expensive watch that not only has a dial that changes, but the functions do as well. It takes about 15 seconds for the transformation to complete, while the dial undergoes change, and you pray the watch still works when it is all said and done. Try rattling it a bit to ensure there aren’t any loose pieces after it has rearranged its mechanical innards.

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