Yahoo's latest marketing ammunition: David Beckham

Yahoo is partnering with iconic football star David Beckham to offer exclusive content for its coverage of the upcoming World Cup as well as the 2010/11 football season, we’ve just learned.

Beckham will also be featured in the second phase of the company’s global integrated marketing campaign, which focuses on showcasing specific Yahoo products and services, throughout the duration of the World Cup in select markets.

The goal of the campaign, according to the press release, is “to drive more people to search, use and talk about Yahoo! through exciting and experiential demonstrations of our unique ability to bring my world and the world together”.

The three main components to the partnership between Yahoo! and David Beckham:

– A David Beckham channel within Yahoo! Sport’s coverage of the World Cup, where Beckham will share his thoughts and his experience on playing and scoring in three consecutive tournaments.

– In anticipation for the 2010/11 football season, football fans will have the opportunity to directly connect to David Beckham and ask him questions through various Yahoo! channels, including Yahoo! Answers, Y!Mail and Y!Messenger.

– Beckham’s participation in the Yahoo! marketing campaign throughout the summer of sport.

Hit or miss?