FarmVille Coming To The iPhone In Late June, Jobs Pronounces Zynga "Zenya"

Zynga’s hit game Farmville is coming to the iPhone, says the gaming giant’s CEO Mark Pincus at this morning’s WWDC keynote. This should make the 35 million daily players of Farmville players overjoyed, as now they can create their virtual farms on the go. Oddly, Steve Jobs pronounced Zynga, “Zenya” in the keynote. Twice.

The app looks like Farmville on Facebook, but formatted for the iPhone. The app will feature in app purchase support, along with push notifications for harvesting and other activities in the game. You’ll have access to your same farm, and your same friends as on Facebook as well. FarmVille will have exclusive market place items for iPhone users including a Snow Leopard in honor of Apple’s OS. The app will launch at the end of June.

The app should be immensely popular, considering the immense amount of users on Facebook and the game’s own site. And it’s only a matter of time before the gaming company launches native apps for the iPad and Android.