Safari 5 to debut at WWDC?

With WWDC just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before a few more details leaked out about the event. Steve Jobs recently mentioned at All Things D that come Monday we wouldn’t be left disappointed, even after the new iPhone had been leaked into the wild. Something exciting is still up Steve’s sleeve but is it Safari 5?

Newly updated support docs from Apple show that the new Safari – version 5, due to be showcased this week, will be 25 percent faster crunching JavaScript than Safari 4 and will offer expanded HTML 5 support. Not only that, expect Bing to be offered as a search option alongside Google and Yahoo. Finally, Safari 5 will also include a new “Safari Reader” which will offer a clutter-free way to view articles sans ads.

So, Mr. Jobs, was this the news that wouldn’t disappoint?