Posterous Adds 'Pages', Enables 'About Me' Section You've Always Wanted

Easy-to-use blogging platform Posterous has just launched a key new feature: Pages. No, the feature doesn’t sound sexy in the slightest — it allows you to create static webpages in addition to your main Posterous blog. But it finally allows you to link to supplementary pages like “About Me”, or “Contact Info” from your Posterous site.

Of course, other blogging platforms like WordPress have offered this forever, which is one reason why this is important — it’s one less feature users have to sacrifice if they want to trade in the more complex traditional blogging platforms in favor of Posterous’s cleaner interface and simple email-to-post functionality.

Pages are created using the site’s web interface. They can redirect to a static URL, and you can set a Page to be the default landing page when people vist your site (in other words, you could make your About Me section the first thing people see, rather than your blog posts).