OpenDNS celebrates SysAdmin Appreciation Month with a contest for SysAdmin of the Year

I’m on paternity leave for a bit, so I’m not doing any of my normal sysadmin stuff. But there are countless sysadmins still out there working hard to make sure that your systems and networks just work. The curse of the sysadmin is that the better you do your job, the less anyone really knows what it is you do. July is System Administrator Appreciation Month, which is a marked improvement over the single System Administrator Appreciation Day that we used to celebrate! To make sure the unsung heroes of the data center get their fifteen minutes of fame OpenDNS is running a contest to find the System Administrator of the Year!

There are, of course, many hats that a sysadmin wears, so OpenDNS is trying to recognize as many of them as they can by naming a number of “Best Of” categories. Each “Best Of” winner gets some cash, and a chance to be crowned System Administrator of the Year!

From the OpenDNS blog:

There will be one winner selected in each category by a panel of esteemed judges, including OpenDNS System Administration team members George Patterson and Mack Nagashima, and CEO (and occasional SysAdmin himself) David Ulevitch. Winners in each category will receive a prize of $50, and from all entries the judging committee will choose one winner that stands out among the rest as the official OpenDNS SysAdmin of the Year.

The categories are

  • Best Disaster Response Award
  • Neat Freak Award
  • Shoestring Budget Award
  • Flying Solo Award
  • Large-Scale Deployment Award
  • DevOps Award

To submit yourself or a fellow SysAdmin, read the instructions at OpenDNS.