Mac Mini Rumor #4,578

The Mac Mini has its fair share of rumors and the latest is really just more of the same. Apparently there is a worldwide Mac Mini shortage, which leads some so-called pundits into thinking a new model is coming soon. But to their credit, they’re probably right. The Core 2 Duo Mac Mini is ripe for a refresh.

Now we might not see the HDMI Mac Mini that was rumored back in March — expect Blu-ray if we, but that’s a different post entirely — but it’s about time that Apple stuffs a Core i3 or Core i5 CPU into the small Mac. We’re almost have way through 2010 and the Core line has been out for about ten months already. Along with a new CPU, expect an updated GPU, a bit more RAM, and maybe even a storage bump.

That’s just our speculation and we’re clearly making up stuff as we go along.