Google's iTunes Competitor Will Likely Be Called Google Music

At Google I/O a few weeks ago, Google teased the audience with a glimpse of a web-based iTunes competitor that would be a new section of the Android Market. Details were sparse during that time, but we may have found the name of the service through a new logo that is hosted on Google’s domain: Google Music. You can tweak that url to see more product logos, including Android and Docs.

While the name is unsurprising, the idea behind Google Music, if that is what it in fact it will be called, is pretty compelling. You would go to the Market on the web, find a song you like, click the download button, and just like with apps, the song would start to download over the air onto your Android devices. Google also announced the acquisition of Simplify Media. Using Simplify’s technology, Google will offer a desktop app that will give you access to all DRM-free media on Android devices remotely.

This new market wouldn’t be Google’s first foray into music. Last fall, Google announced Music Onebox, new kind of Google search result that lets you instantly stream songs directly from Google’s results page; and Google Discover Music, a search engine to find songs on the web.

Google Music had better launch soon. Apple is rumored to be prepping a cloud-based version of iTunes this summer, which could steal the thunder from whatever Google has in store for its music market.

Thanks Logan Rosen for the tip.