Fanboy Meets Fangirl: Cupidtino Launches

We wrote about the impending launch of Cupidtino, a dating site for Apple fanboys and fangirls to connect and, well, find love. A name play on Cupid and the city of Cupertino (where Apple’s headquarters are located), Cupidtino launched to the public today, allowing all you single Apple fans out there to find your true soul mate. Or at least someone who won’t roll their eyes when you start polishing your shiny new iPad.

The site is essentially like any dating site, except with a few Apple-flavored features. It allows you to attach photos and list the basics about yourself, including “when you became a Mac” and a list of the gadgets you own. To express interest in someone you can “Mac him” (or her), which is like a poke; message the person; or meet the individual at the nearest Apple store.

All joking aside, Cupidtino is a bit of a letdown in some ways. Yes, it’s craftily formatted to look like and feel like the Apple site, complete with Apple icons and the background, which has a hint of light pink to it. But the UI is a little clunky. The profile pictures are too large and you have to scroll down the page to get any substantial information about the person who you are checking out. But I guess Apple lovers won’t care really because they really just want to check out the photos of others fan boys and girls.

While in private beta, the site was able to get a little traction amongst users. Currently, there are nearly 600 men listed on the site. Unfortunately, the site has not been able to attract many fangirls, and only lists 100 profiles of women. And something tells me this ratio of men to women on the site won’t change too much.