Boxcar Brings Push Notification Management To The iPad — And Goes Completely Free

As a Push Notification addict, Boxcar for the iPhone is one of my must-have apps. Apple simply doesn’t have a good way to corral notifications in the iPhone OS, so this third-party management system is needed. Obviously, the same is true with the iPad. And now it’s here with version 3.0.

Boxcar for the iPad brings all the previous iPhone goodness, and then some. First of all, rather than charging to add support for various services (through in-app purchasing), developer Jonathan George has decided to make the entire experience free. This means that you can add Twitter notifications, Facebook notifications, email notifications — everything, for free. It’s now simply ad-supported. If you want to turn off the ads, it’s $4.99 (a one-time purchase).

Also new is the revamped look and feel of the app. George has made the app itself feel more like the Messages app you find on the iPhone. Notifications are broken up into types, and when you click on any of those, you’re taken to a list of the notifications that appear in colorful chat bubbles. Just as with the iPhone version, you can be notified of the notifications through sounds, badging of the Boxcar icon, and pop up messages (or a combination of all three).

The new Boxcar 3.0 is universal (it will work on both the iPad and iPhone). Find it here.