Rumor: HTC Scorpion and all of its 1.5 Ghz, Android 2.2 goodness headed for Verizon?

Waaay back in February, we told you guys a tale of the HTC Scorpion, a mighty beast of a phone. Packing Android 2.2 and a 1.5 Ghz (!) processor, it could very well be the phone that everyone lusts over after their love for the current king, the EVO 4G, tapers.

Take it as you will for now, but we just got a heads up from a generally well-informed source that the Scorpion is headed for…. [insert drumroll here]


Here’s the weird part: when we initially heard about the Scorpion, we were lead to believe that it’d tout support for WiMax — which, for those who don’t obsess over gadgets and doodad’s, is Sprint’s fourth generation. Verizon is basing their 4G network on LTE, instead.

The news comes by way of the growingly infamous ROM hacker, conflipper. He seems pretty confident in the idea that the Scorpion is Verizon-bound — so what’s going on here? Might the Scorpion come in two flavors — or was the original leaked Scorpion profile just taken too literally?