Innoversal Lattice Tablet gets its Pixel Qi touched

Pixel Qi. If you haven’t heard of them, you will. Everyone will want one of their screens. They offer both a full color LCD screen and an E-Ink screen in one. From what I have seen so far, the technology appears to be very promising. Other companies seem to think so as well, and are lining up to use Pixel Qi screens in their devices.

Take the new Innoversal Lattice tablet, for example. It’s a full 10-inch, 1024 x 600 touchscreen Windows tablet with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor. It also features SSD storage up to 64GB, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and a 6-cell battery.  The Lattice runs either Windows or Linux and will soon run Chrome OS.

The great thing about the “transflective” screen is that it uses less battery when the backlight is off. Not only that, when the backlight is off, it is way easier to see outdoor than normal LCDs. Take that, iPad.

Considering that we’re still waiting on the release of the Adam, I doubt we’ll see the Lattice any time real soon, but if Notion Ink doesn’t get its rear in gear, it could be beaten to the punch by other, similar devices. Although don’t expect Android or the power-sipping Tegra 2 — and I could do without the glossy screen.