Full-color 13-inch e-paper "e-Magazine" looks-promising

Yeah, “looks promising” doesn’t need a hyphen, but it just felt right. The device in question is a color e-paper tablet from Delta Electronics called the e-Magazine. Not the most creative name, but it gets the point across. It’s 13.1″ diagonally and weighs about 1.6 pounds (730 grams). The color is low-contrast, unfortunately, but e-paper is a moving target technology-wise, and the next version of this thing will probably be much more vibrant.

You can tell it’s not coming to the US because it’s in the shape of an A4 sheet of paper, not our weird 8.5×11 style. But I wouldn’t rule out a differently-sized US version, since we love our periodicals here so very much.

Supposedly it’ll come with WiFi or 3G, and, as it uses a passive display technology, counts its battery life in page turns (6000) rather than hours. I think it looks pretty nice — a much more practical device than that monstrous Kno we saw yesterday.