Android 2.1 rollout for GSM Heroes starts Friday!

HTC Hero Eclair Release

Oh man, I’m excited. My previously-crippled Android 1.5 phone, the GSM HTC Hero will finally (pending alignment of the stars), receive the bump to Android 2.1 as of Friday, June 4th.

The update was promised as early as February, and us GSM Hero users have been disappointed time and time again (much like our CDMA brethren), but official Taiwanese ROMs have already started making their way across the ‘net, so it seems that this is the one I’ve been waiting for.

If all goes well, I will soon be Gogglin’, Earthin’, Sticky Bittin’, (officially) Twitterin’, and all those other things that have been just out of my reach for so many months now.

Word broke from HTC Taiwan’s official Plurk account today, so forgive the rough translation:

On June 4, 2010 to open up the wireless software update, the main update function as follows: Android 2.1 operating system upgrade!

System will continue to send updates prompt, when you receive a system prompt as long as you can by clicking Download or wireless network connection 3G/GPRS way to complete your phone system updates. Note: We recommend you to choose to have free Wi-Fi environment, download the update. If you are currently using 3G network, the download may have to pay the additional cost carriers, please make sure to have unlimited Internet access rates apply for rentals before use.

Android and Me warn that the rollout may not include the European variety HTC Hero (the announcement was directed at Asian markets), but it’s a pretty safe bet that it won’t be far behind (and even less time before the community ROMs start rolling out).

Of course, the sheen of 2.1 has been all but removed since the announcement of 2.2, but I’m still happy to have the upgrade. Thanks, guys: you’ve made my weekend :)

[image and info via Android and Me]