Video: Japanese doctors use iPad during surgery

As we all know by now, the iPad can be used in many ways, and we know it’s a hit product. The Japanese seem to embrace the device, too (it came out in that country a few days ago). And for some strange reason, Japanese doctors in particular love the iPad. Last month, we reported about one living in Fukuoka in Southern Japan who x-rayed his device and posted a picture on his blog.

And now a team of doctors at a hospital run by Kobe University has actually used the iPad during a surgery as a display. In the video embedded below, you can see a doctor (or assistant) zooming in and out of images shown on the iPad’s screen during the procedure.

It’s not really an elegant solution, as not only the device is wrapped in plastic, but it also requires two people to hold it in place and to show the screen to doctors. But we may be on our way to give one iPad to each doctor and nurse on the planet (the doctor at the end says it was actually useful during the procedure).

Here’s the video (in Japanese):

Via Japan Probe