Two 14.1" touchscreens joined at the hip – meet the Kno. It's big.

Honestly? Two 14-inch displays? Tips the scales at 5 1/2 pounds? I honestly can say the Kno is the least appealing tablet-style device I’ve seen. I’m sorry, but the entire point of this form factor is portability and ease of use. How can you use it at all, when you’re too busy trying not to fall over from the weight? It’s supposed to replace your textbooks — I think it’s more likely to replace your desk.

Let’s do an experiment. Forgot you saw the picture above. Now watch this video:

Imagine if that video were about a device with two, say, seven-inch screens. I’d buy that! It looks great! But no, the actual device, which they are careful not to show with any size context, is like two full-size laptops stuck together at the hinge. It’s like a Courier from World 4!

Seriously! What the hell!

[via Engadget]