Twitter Testing Users 'You Both Follow' Feature

According to a Tweet just posted by Twitter engineer Nick Kallen, the microblogging network has just enabled a new “You both follow” feature. The feature, which is only being tested for 10 percent of users, allows you to see any common people that you and another user both follow. Here’s a screenshot of what the feature looks like.

The “You both follow” feature is pretty much what it sounds like. When you click on a contact it will show you the common people you both follow on the right sidebar of the page, just above the “following” tab. It’s actually surprising the feature hasn’t been turned on sooner, considering how useful it is in showing your social connections between other Twitter users.

“You both follow” is similar in theory to Facebook’s friends in common feature, which has been around for some time now. The feature no doubt makes Twitter a little more of an interconnected social network and it should be interesting if the microblogging network takes it a step further. For example, Twitter could start recommending people to follow based on who your friends are following.

UPDATE: Twitter API engineer Marcel Molina says in a Tweet that he’s formed a new team with Kallen to “build rapid prototypes.” I think this means we should be expecting more feature updates in the near future.