The Kindle will soon be available at Target locations nationwide

This has been a long time coming. The Kindle has slowly been creeping into Target retail outlets the last few months, but the company just issued a presser stating that the most popular ebook reader on the planet will be available nationwide on June 6th. This officially makes Target Amazon’s first brick and mortar retail partner, although Target isn’t new to the ebook game.

Target’s been hawking (or at least attempting to) the Sony Reader line for since 2008. The Sony models have a prime end-of-aisle display, complete with all sorts of accessories and pre-paid book certificates. The Kindle is likely to get the same treatment and might even push the Sony Reader out of its long-held spot.

But for good reason. The Kindle is Amazon’s best selling item of all time, which is saying something as many of the buyers have probably never touched one before ordering theirs. The Target partnership will open up reader the to even more demographics as those leery about the physical feel can now actually fondle the device before dropping $259 on the device. Smart move.