Stock Analysis Startup Trefis Raises $1.6 Million

Stock analysis startup Trefis has raised $1.6 million on funding from Village Ventures. The startup had previously raised $550K in angel funding in 2008 led by Timothy Weller, CFO of Enernoc and former CFO of Akamai, Bob Johnson of the MIT corporation, and Semyon Dukach, former president of the MIT Blackjack team.

Launched last fall, Trefis breaks down a stock price by the contribution of a company’s major products and businesses. The site lets you tweak your stock predictions by adjusting variables in a company’s business model, depending on how you think different segments of the company will perform. These predictions are plotted out on attractive interactive charts, which can also be embedded as widgets and shared.

The company is also launching a pro version of Trefis, which includes access to in-depth financial content for about 25 companies in the consumer sector (Example: Walmart, Coca Cola, P&G, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Ford etc.). Trefis Pro includes daily insights across both consumer and technology sector companies, as-well-as advanced privacy features for price estimates (i.e. you can hide your estimates from the community, which you were not able to do previusly). Subscribers to Trefis Pro, which will cost $50 per month, will also get free access to additional consumer sector companies as Trefis rolls them out. Trefis is also planning to launch pro planning content for other sectors like financial services, and healthcare.