Nintendo dropping prices of DSi and XL come June 19 (plus: new colors!)

Thinking of buying a DSi or DSi XL? If you can hold off for two weeks, you may be able to save yourself a couple bucks. If I’m not mistaken (I don’t speak Japanese, but it’s pretty clear), June 19th will bring a price drop for Nintendo’s popular handhelds, along with a few new colors for the XL.

The new prices will be ¥18,000 for the XL (down from ¥20,000) and ¥15,000 for the DSi (down from ¥18,900), which will probably bring the prices down about $20 each here in the states and by corresponding values around the world. I’d guess this has something to do with the 3DS announcement. We’ll know more once E3 comes around, of course.