DXG's 3D pocket camcorder to come out in August, be expensive

Remember that 3D camcorder DXG promised a couple months back? It wasn’t snake oil! Or at least, the promise wasn’t. The product almost certainly is. But at least we know it’s coming out. August 2010, baby. Quick! Buy a 3D TV to view this content on!

Actually, you could just watch it on the 5D7’s 3.2-inch parallax barrier screen. No glasses required. It’s going to be weird watching 3D content on a tiny thing like that, I’m sure, but you’ll get used to it. It’s the future, or so the industry thinks.

The quote that worries me: “To be honest, it is difficult to offer a low price because of high development costs.” Oh my. That doesn’t sound good. Don’t expect any really high-def images, either: with a single five-megapixel sensor doing the work of two, you’ll probably be limited to standard def; 720×480 would be my guess. Ah well.