Droid Xtreme struts its solid, metallic stuff

Ever since childhood, I’ve always thought that adding metal to something automatically made it that much cooler. Slap some tin foil on a few paper towel rolls for example, and you’ve got yourself a nifty homemade Star Wars blaster. Ditto for enhancing your punching power with a roll of quarters when facing a bully on the playground. Someone in Motorola’s design division must have felt the same way, since newly-leaked photos of the new Droid Xtreme (or X, or Shadow, or whatever) reveal a new solid metallic frame that’s sure to be a welcome addition to the Verizon’s Android lineup.

Thanks to DroidLife, we can see that the Droid [insert awesome adjective here]’s sleeker frame isn’t the only thing worth gossiping about. It also features a 4.1 inch capacitive touch display (which we’re certainly big fans of around here), Android 2.2, 8 GB of internal storage, and HDMI out. For a phone that has some serious flagship potential, it seems a peculiar choice for Motorola to run with a 700 MHz OMAP processor instead of something like a Snapdragon, but as long as it manages to strike a respectble balance between power consumption and performance, you won’t see us complaining too much.

[via DroidLife]