Delightful rumor: Verizon Wireless testing the iPad on its network

Oh my heavens. Someone close to someone else says that Verizon Wireless is testing the iPad on its network. Does that mean we could be looking at an iPad that works with Verizon Wireless? And would that mean an iPhone is far behind?

So the story is that one of Boy Genius’ many high-placed sources (he actually has a bunch, to be fair) has spotted Veriozon Wireless folks testing out CDMA versions of the iPad. That rumor, I think, sounds more interesting than it probably is. The Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad doesn’t care what wireless provider you have. And the 3G version? Considering how many Apps restrict capability if they’re connected to 3G, you need to ask yourself: is the extra $150 even worth it? Your call.

But it does lead to the question: well, if Verizon Wireless is working on an iPad, then what are the odds that they’re working on an iPhone?

I fully expect the Internet to explode if and when Verizon Wireless says it will have the iPhone. That, and AT&T stock will plummet.