Ceramic seed grenade calls chia pet a wuss

My wife loves to grow flowers. It’s difficult here in Nevada, and I’m usually a little less than supportive of her projects (I get really tired of trays of plants strewn throughout the house in the early spring). Here however, is a seed distribution device I can get behind.

Anybody can take seeds out of packet and strew them across the soil; it take a real man to spread your flower seeds via a hand grenade. The Flower Grenade is a project from UK artist Tony Nguyen, and is currently only available from the site Suck UK, but I love the concept. Lob a few of these out into that abandoned lot down the block, and then sit back and enjoy the colors as your urban guerrilla warfare grows up. The only issue I have with the concept is that the ceramic doesn’t break down (resulting in sharp ceramic shards left behind), and let’s be honest, getting caught importing a case of grenades into the US is sure to raise some questions with Homeland Security. The Flower Grenade is available in a three pack from the Suck UK website, and will set you back a hefty $18 plus shipping. Happy planting!

[via Make]