Ask Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy are Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor, two guys in Atlanta who talk fitness online and over the air. We asked them to answer a few reader questions and invite you to send in your questions to tips @ crunchgear dot com with the subject line “FITNESS.” Include your geographical location. We’ll run these Q&A sessions regularly.

My roommate says I’m wasting money on sports drinks. He says I should drink milk instead. Is he right?

Well, if you believe a very small study funded by the Dairy and Nutrition Council in 2006 then feel free to waste your money slamming down that high calorie chocolate milk. How about you do this instead – save your cash for important things like beer and pizza and drink water that is filtered (distilled or reverse osmosis) out of a reusable metal container to stay hydrated.

The last time I did a Master Cleanse fast I felt jittery all day – what is the best way to detoxify?

I’m really shocked that one of these detox diets made you feel bad. Were you using rancid maple syrup? Or you did you accidentally get a hold of some bad cayenne pepper? It’s hard to believe that not eating any real food for an extended period of time could cause you some problems. How about the next time you feel like your body needs a little help detoxing you resist the urge. You see – your body comes equipped with a great all natural detoxifier. It is called your liver. And it has been doing a fine job of detoxifying the human body for quite some time. So how about you just leave it alone – your body does just fine without any extra detoxification help from you.

I can never get my heart rate up as high on a treadmill as I can when I run outside – how come?
-Paul G

Are you one of those guys who runs on the treadmill backwards? Otherwise you would have noticed all those buttons and arrows on the front of the treadmill which control your speed and incline. And I’m sure if you crank those babies up a little higher than you have been you will get all the workout you can handle. But, the only way to know to really know your true heart rate is by wearing a heart rate monitor. You may “feel” like your heart rate elevates more outside simply by the fact that you may be running faster outside. Also, running outside in the summer will elevate heart rate response just because of the increase in temperature.

What should I look for when hiring a personal trainer?

The Fat Guy goes for a trainer with a great body (preferably of the opposite sex), a foreign accent and the ability to count to twelve. His success has been spotty so you should probably do a little more. For starters, check out her level of education. Does she have an advanced degree in Sports Science or an online certification? The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is probably the gold standard for exercise certifications. Go for a trainer that knows who regularly attends conferences on sports science rather than one who stays up to date by reading the latest bodybuilding magazine.

What’s the fastest way to get a six pack?

Hit the convenience store! Sadly there is no quick and easy way to get those abs of steel – it’s a combination of good genetics, a lot of healthy eating and more cardio than you think. You can crunch until the cows come home but if you are taking in more calories than you need, then the only way you will get that six pack is at the 7-Eleven.