Steve Jobs is going to say something at D8 tonight

All Things D aka D8 is happening right now and they’re blogging live, describing the exciting things Steve Jobs will say in grave detail. What do you reckon he’ll say? If it’s anything good, I’ll update this post but feel free to posit in comments below.

UPDATE – Engadget has some nice coverage as well. Steve on Flash: “Sometimes you have to pick the right horses. Flash looks like it had its day but it’s waning, and HTML5 looks like it’s coming up.”

OOF – Walt: We don’t know the whole story… I wanted to ask you about the duality to this. Some people don’t approve of checkbook journalism. If what we know is true, but on the other hand the police go and don’t issue a search warrant, and they grab someone’s computer — there’s a lot of stuff, at least with my computer I wouldn’t want anyone to have, and they grab this journalists assets…

Steve: Well a guy… who can say if he’s a journalist.

On Siri purchase: Steve: They’re not a search company. They’re an AI company. We have no plans to go into the search business. We don’t care about it — other people do it well.

Are there advantages of having two carriers in the US? BOOM. Steve: There might be. The future is long.