A Couple Websites Battle To Be Mayor Of Foursquare Mayor Battles

While some of the gaming elements of Foursquare have dried up (point leaderboards), mayorships continue to be a hot item. And now there are not one, but two sites that help you better track mayorships at local venues: When Will I Be Mayor? and Be The Mayor.

Be The Mayor is a simple site to show you what you’re up against in terms of becoming the mayor of a specific venue. You enter in the name of a venue (and the city it is in) to search for it, and you’ll be taken to a page that shows you the current mayor and highlights how many more check-ins you’ll need to topple them. There’s also a handy bookmarklet you can use to give you easy access to this data from any Foursquare venue page.

When Will I Be Mayor? is a bit more robust. It asks you to connect your Foursquare account via OAuth, and then shows you a list of your most recent check-ins. From this list, you can see who the current mayor of those venues is. And below that, it also shows you how many more check-ins it will require for you to become mayor there. But with When Will I Be Mayor, you can mark certain spots to be monitored so you can check back to see how you’re doing in pursuit of the mayorship. And you can sort venues by most and fewest number of check-ins (by you).

For those who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, in order to become the mayor of a venue in Foursquare, you have to have the most check-ins (over two) at a venue over the past 60 days (there are a few other elements to it, but that’s basically it). While mayorships are a matter of pride amongst some, increasingly, they’re also about getting you good deals at venues you frequent.

When Will I Be Mayor is the work of developer Greg Avola while Be The Mayor is the work of The Barbarian Group.