Cat@Log allows cats to tweet, signals end times

Sony is working on creating a dedicated lifecasting (or perhaps “lifecatsing”) collar for cats that records regular images and tweets the cat’s current activity. It’s basically this thing combined with this thing, plus social networking.

As Nicholas likes to say: Come on, meteor.

The device, which is preliminarily named Cat@Log, contains a GPS sensor, an accelerometer, and a camera. It records constantly and currently has a vocabulary of 11 tweets it can fire off when an action or series of actions is performed. For instance, as Tech-On notes, if the cat walks around for a while and then eats, it can tweet “Meals taste better after a walk >:3” — I added the little cat face in there, which should probably be in every cat tweet, but you get the idea.


Although they say they were careful to reduce the size of the device, it still looks pretty damn bulky. Cats probably won’t appreciate it. And that exposed PCB isn’t going to survive long in the water dish.

I like how the caption at Tech-On tells you that this is a fake cat. Just in case you weren’t sure!

[via GeekSugar and Mashable]