Music for deaf people – Portable ears

Deaf people may not be able to hear music, but soon they might be able to feel it, even on the go. A concept device from German designer Frederik Podzuweit promises to make hearing music a reality for the deaf community based on synesthesia — a type of sensory stimulus evokes the perception of an entirely different sense.

Music for Deaf People hopes to turn music into the same emotions and feelings the non-deaf hear by using electricity to stimulate a special membrane on the device. Music for Deaf People can project the vibratory feelings of bass, midtones, and treble from any portable audio device to a device that sits on a persons neck as headphones would when resting on shoulders. The volume or track number adjusts by use of the large, easily accessible controls right on top. With a clean futuristic design, even audiophiles looking for a new way to listen to music might find it interesting to try.