Microsoft Tag fills your world with tags that you scan for information

Say hello to Microsoft Tag. It’s a brand new service (I guess you can call it a service) that envisions a world filled with tags. The tags, almost like barcodes or QR codes, are placed all over the place. On merchandise at the mall, on statues at the parks, and so on. You scan the tag with your phone, then all sorts of info pops up.

So, for example, you’re walking in a park, and you see a statue. Sure, there’s a little plaque on there that says, “This person did some stuff for the local area.” But if you were to scan a tag, the person’s entire biography pops up.

That’s the pie-in-the-sky idea, at least.

The city of Amsterdam has put a bunch of tags all over the city, and the Mall of America will also plans to make use of the tags.

TechFlash, the clever gents, have put together a short video showing off the technology:

Imagine, a world filled with tags! We’re basically living in Futurama.

Pretty neat. I wouldn’t mind walking through a museum and scanning a tag about Saturn’s moons or whatever.