Acer Aspire One line now comes in AMD and Intel flavors

Not that it makes that much difference when you’re limiting your tasks to email, browsing, and flash games, but it’s nice to be able to pick between AMD and Intel. The Acer Aspire One 521 is a nice little AMD-based netbook, and now it’s joined by an Intel-based twin — or near-twin. The Aspire One 533 sports a little more chrome, but beyond that it’s the same old mid-range netbook you may know and love.

It’s got the same 10.1-inch screen and all the ports and fixins of the 521, but inside is an Atom N455 or N475 processor. It’s also got support for Bluetooth 3.0. Personally, I’d say that at this price/feature point, the most important thing is not in fact the processor, but the keyboard, trackpad, and other features you’ll be noticing every day.

[via SlashGear]