Brits get their iPads early – a little too early for some

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Who said Christmas doesn’t come early?

It’s iPad day tomorrow here in the UK, when the device officially launches. But, for those that pre-ordered, it hasn’t stopped delivery vans across the country turning up this morning with Apple’s shiny new toy in hand. And most customers are delighted, of course.

Yes, I said most.

At least one customer isn’t entirely amused as in one hand they have a spanking brand new iPad 3G and in the other a microSIM card from the mobile operator O2, which has yet to be activated. O2, like the rest of us, presumably were expecting iPad day to be, well, on iPad day, which is tomorrow.

There’s no pleasing everybody.

Update: Orange customers seem to be having similar problems (see comment below)

Oh and Christmas isn’t arriving early for everyone who pre-ordered (at least not yet), which is leaving some people a little upset.

Patience people, patience.

iPad day is but one day away.

(Hat tip and iPad photo: @Scott56R)

  • PJ

    Mine arrived at 9am this morning and O2 support was up-and-running. So far very impressed.

    • Steve O'Hear


      • Justin

        Pj wait until you have it for a week and realize it is a giant phone that isn’t a phone with little functionality difference than a kindle and that you can’t take it out of the house without looking like a fanboy douche. That’s where I’m at after having mine for a month. Hate this overpriced pos.

      • ObiWanKod

        Make life easier for yourself……jailbreak it

      • Garion

        You don’t play the part of an iPad owner very convincingly, dude. Your I-hate-everything-Apple vitriol shines through way too much.

        Got an iPad? Post a picture of yourself with your “pos” iPad and I’ll believe you. Otherwise you’re just another sorry ass troll.

      • ViNO

        Please throw your shitty iPad my way. E-mail me for my address. I’ll take it off your hands for $200 – you pay me $200 + the iPad. I’m doing you a favor.

      • kol

        I say iPad is a great device, not godly, not magical. but great. I guess like most of us, what we need for a real tablet is to have a built-in camera, sd card support, more open environment (flash ready) and a little price reduction on the apps. I mean, the average price of ranges from 10 – 15 bucks already. iPad ‘before the UK’ experience.

      • Justin

        iPad is useless – I can say that because I have one

      • Woodledoot

        The iPad sucks. I can say that because my tablet runs Android and my car runs NetBSD. I’m considering running Darwin on my underwear but I think they need an upgrade.

      • Bob

        I think what makes Justin’s iPad useless is Justin himself! It is sad to see technology disrespected in this way, but of course it is inevitable since Justin disrespects himself by purchasing technology above his capability and understanding.

  • David1984

    O2 had no clue about the iPad release date. i guess the buyer will have to wait a day longer for his brand new gadget to kick off

  • William D

    I get the impression that boths these tweets “may kill self” and i’m gonna cry” are displaying some British humour.. no?! even if the “gonna” has let a bit os US lingo contiminate things!

  • Kieran McGrady

    Mine arrived at about 10:30am. Very happy with it so far.

  • Stuart Gibson

    I’m a little annoyed since I took tomorrow off work so I would be there to sign for my iPads. Currently showing as “Out for delivery”. Hopefully they arrive in one of the windows my wife is there.

    Doesn’t seem like the well oiled and controlling Apple machine we’re used to though.

  • Mr Right


  • pao

    yo kiero una por favol regalemela

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  • coolrepublica

    Please stupid brit, by all mean kill yourself because you didn’t get your Ipad.

    What the world needs now is less stupid people.

    • henderson101

      You don’t get British humour, right. Sarcasm, my friend. Look it up in a dictionary.

      • coolrepublica

        oh British humor! The only thing funny about British humor is the fact that the Brits are the “only” people on earth who think they are actually have one.

        God was not kind to the Brits with the humor stick. Actually he was down right stingy.

        FYI, if you make a sarcastic comment and it needs an * than it was was very well delivered.

      • ObiWanKod

        Dude, you need a hug…

      • José

        Well, at least they can spell ‘rumour’ correctly…

    • Matt Lawson

      Coolrepublica— Are you a born again Christian?
      I ask because I thought only Born Again Christians were this ignorant…..

      • Simon

        Coolrepublica has zero sense of humor or maybe just an American dumbass littoral sense of humor, which is about as amusing as an old wet carrot…

      • Dave

        You mean he has a sense of humor relating to shores?

  • Jonathan Green

    Just tried to buy a SIM from Orange – had all the staff crowded around to see what they could do about the early arrival. Try as they might, after several phone calls to various support centres, the conclusion was “come back tomorrow”.

  • John Keogh

    My iPad arrived at 08:00 this morning. The TNT driver said he had a lot of them in the lorry!

    It is lovely so far.

  • dasein

    This is British wit in a blog post, I’m assuming.

  • HowToPlaza

    Whatever iPads are, they’re not computers, and they’re not phones. So what do you do with them? Just play around, in a more sophisticated and techy manner? Can I write a book on an iPad? I don’t think so.

    • Tom

      Please don’t ruin their day. They will realize it soon enough that the iPad is useless.

      • Zara

        I think you can make the best of what you’ve got – I’ve got an old nokia touch tablet, I can still read some blogs in bed with it, even though it doesn’t have flash or javascript to play videos – tablets are reading devices and good for catching up on news in an RSS reader or reading pdf’s – so I catch up on the news and read fiction on mine little screen – wouldn’t dream of trying to blog /type with it, that’s what the desk top is for, but if it’s wi-fi enabled you can sit in a chair with a coffee a peruse the news – just like a magazine or newspaper – people that like to read/ book worms will find these “toys” useful – I’d pick an ipad over a TV if I had the cash.

      • georges

        you can’t write a lot on those iPad for the following reason:

        If you use the touch-screen to type, then it’s very slow (because you don’t get touch feedback, etc …

        And if you use an external keyboard such as a bluetooth keyboard, then you end up with something that looks like a broken laptop, you can’t be holding the keyboard and the iPad at the same time.

        Laptops are good for writing, just leave it to laptops.
        Actually, I use a laptop and an iphone, and find it a great combination!!!

    • Armando

      Why couldn’t you write a book? There’s a word processing app. As long as you get used to using the keyboard, or sync up a bluetooth keyboard you’ll have no problem.

      Next time it’ll help if you actually learn about the gadget before criticizing it.

    • Garion

      Oh, that’s a fun game. I can play that too.

      “Why would anybody want a laptop computer? It’s got a much smaller screen than my desktop PC, a slower processor, a worse keyboard and smaller HD, so it’s not a real computer for serious work, and it even costs MORE than my desktop PC! Why would anybody in their right mind ever buy one of these things?. Laptop computers will FAIL for sure!”.

  • ObiWanKod

    Look at what i stumbled upon! lol
    I’m the person that sent that tweet saying i was going to cry….and yes it is called Sarcasm! i wasn’t actually about to cry because i haven’t received mine early.

    Nice to know that the people with the negative comments about the iPad are looking at an iPad article….. *closes macbook*

    • Steve O'Hear

      I thought it was funny. Lighten up people!

  • Skyenet

    Well I received my iPad Camera Connection kit today, however UPS sent my iPad to Manchester 200 miles away. Hopefully they will deliver tomorrow.

  • Yaesumofo

    What amazes me is that there are people who after a month do not like their iPad and that they still have it. If you don’t like it why not sell it to a sucker who is willing to pay more for it to be first on their block to have one.
    Stop complaining about the iPad do something about it. Get rid of it and STFU.
    Smart people are able make use of it. There are a great many uses for it. If you can’t find one that makes you happy then it is likely that you will NEVER be happy with cutting edge tech.
    I hope you learn a lesson don’t be the first to buy in.

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  • Markh

    Actually reading techcrunch here on the iPad sucks. Everytime I open an article to read in a new page, when I close it and go back to the front page safari blanks the screen and starts reloading the whole page again. Makes reading the site a pain.

  • Chris Kellett

    Although I will more then likely get an iPad( my wife says it is just the device she is looking for) I have decided to wait a few months not to see if it works but just to not be a first in user. Wait til it settles in play with it in the apple store a few times and then decide.

    That way when you get one you really know if you want it or not. Thats my take anyway.

  • Tyler Wright

    Anyone using their iPad as a PRIMARY COMPUTER???
    With external keyboard and big flat screen?? Us Canadians get it tomorrow – wondering if I should jump.

  • ankit

    wow .. all i can say is … GET A LIFE !

  • Angstwad

    Hey, peeps that hate the iPad: go cry. Play with your netbook, wait for an android tablet…whatever. Stop crying snout how Apple sucks.

    Oh, BTW, the touch keyboard works just fine. The apps are interesting. Cruising the web is more fun than ever. Can do it all, except Flash, and guess what? Flash is for adults that live in their parents basement and watch anime.

    I trolled a little bit there. But it’s because I’m a fanboy. Let our homies in the UK and Canada enjoy themselves. The iPad is fun. It’s not for everybody, but what device is?

  • Ken Stilwell

    I’m amazed by all the whining by technology bigots on this list. If you don’t like the whole idea of an iPad, don’t buy one from Apple or anyone else…and for that matter why are you bitching on a list like this anyway? Go get some sunshine and spread some good will around, for god sakes. They ARE coming…and Apple’s US sales figures prove they are here to stay.
    Don’t like it, don’t but it but the idea of raining on everyone else’s parade is a bit childish.

  • Emma

    We’re just hoping the company decides to invest as an essential means for productivity in the office *wishful thinking* :)

  • Dixiedean

    iPad camera kit ? Try bump on your iPad n iPhone , take pic on iPhone bump four at a time to iPad, good enough for now,

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