Brits get their iPads early – a little too early for some

Who said Christmas doesn’t come early?

It’s iPad day tomorrow here in the UK, when the device officially launches. But, for those that pre-ordered, it hasn’t stopped delivery vans across the country turning up this morning with Apple’s shiny new toy in hand. And most customers are delighted, of course.

Yes, I said most.

At least one customer isn’t entirely amused as in one hand they have a spanking brand new iPad 3G and in the other a microSIM card from the mobile operator O2, which has yet to be activated. O2, like the rest of us, presumably were expecting iPad day to be, well, on iPad day, which is tomorrow.

There’s no pleasing everybody.

Update: Orange customers seem to be having similar problems (see comment below)

Oh and Christmas isn’t arriving early for everyone who pre-ordered (at least not yet), which is leaving some people a little upset.

Patience people, patience.

iPad day is but one day away.

(Hat tip and iPad photo: @Scott56R)