Tickreel Aims To Add A Powerful Filter To The Realtime Web

While the realtime web brings us a wealth of instant information on-demand, it’s often necessary to use filters to consumer information from the social web. Tickreel, which is launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today, is launching a powerful filter based around users’ web activity and interest graphs.

The application aims to streamline the web around topics instead of people; and you can follow a specific topic manually. Whereas search engines map keywords and social networks map relationships, Tickreel merges the two. Sort of. You can structure people and sites around a specific topic.

But the heart of Tickreel’s filter lies in tapping into your interest graph to determine what you are interested in and who you are influenced by. Tickreel will evaluate what links you are Tweeting on Twitter, who you are retweeting, and who you interact with and then suggest you activity and topics based around your interests and activity on the web. Tickreel aims to add context to the realtime web, adding your social layer to help you filter its results.


RS: Who is this designed for?
KS: Anyone who is suffering from social media and realtime overload. We may have to normalize this for the average users.
JH: I’m assuming that I’m not the target audience because I didn’t understand what this was.
KS: It’s a web filter. We are trying to filter the web, Facebook and Twitter.
RS: We already have Techmeme; and other startups are doing this better. Techmeme comes to me over Twitter, and does a clearer job of this than what you presented. There are already way more advanced ways to this.
VX: We are trying to determine influence.
RS: But there are people that already do that.
KS: We’re giving you a way to identify who is influential on the web. It’s not a black box. I can’t look right now where the influencers are commenting on the web. Disruptive is not always something you can do in six minutes.
JC: But simplicity can be disruptive. Unless you engage me with the end result, I’ll never go with the process you describe which is confusing.
KG: I’m really curious if you sat down with your Target market and how they respond to these terms and the user experience.
KS: It’s a ticker in the sense that we include activity around topics.