Spotify for Android goes social

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Spotify‘s Android app sees a major update today, integrating a number of the new social and music player features of the music streaming service that launched last month.

New to the app is the ability to play and wirelessly sync music files stored locally on your PC to your phone; support for Spotify’s “Inbox, Feed and Starred features”; the option to filter for tracks in playlists; and finally scrobbling.

Spotify’s iPhone also recently got an update. The most notable new feature is support for the service’s “Inbox” so that you can receive track recommendations from friends.

Now we’re just waiting for Spotify on Symbian to catch up.

  • Nils

    Spotify on iPhone has had wireless sync for a few weeks now. Since they allowed you to add your own music i think?

    • Steve O'Hear

      Yep, you’re right. Post updated.

      I missed it because, strangely, it rolled out before it was actually supported in the desktop version. So the iPhone app is actually leading the way.

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