Lamp poster (poster lamp?) adds a surrealist bent to your bedroom

If you don’t have room in your office for another lamp, yet find yourself squinting as you read over your books and parchments, then perhaps you should consider investing in one of these fabulous lamp posters. Sure, you could just open the window, but you’d have to get out of your chair. Plus, when people see this, they’ll immediately think you well-versed in surrealist art. When this happens, don’t say anything. Just stare at them — if you have a beard, stroke it.

The piece, which is not a concept and is actually for sale, though it is limited to 50 pieces. It was designed quite a while ago, but only recently was actually made available — at $195 it’s slightly more expensive than your average poster of a lamp, but unlike most other posters, this one lights up.

[via OhGizmo]