Help GE "Avoid The Lame" For Their Next Digital Advertising Campaign

General Electric is crowdsourcing their next digital / social media ad blitz, Global executive Director, Advertising and Branding Judy Hu just announced on stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

In the spirit of disruption, GE is bypassing the traditional agency model for marketing campaigns. The company has set up both a basic Google Moderator tool at and a dedicated email inbox ( in order to solicit ideas from anyone (including industry pros).

Got a great idea for an ad campaign? A creative concept for a killer contest? A truly innovative social media program? With your help, we can avoid the lame and embrace the awesome.

The idea is for people like you, our readers, to submit what you think are the best ideas on how to engage online audiences, being the monster company GE is. One thing to remember: this is also open to advertising industry professionals or startups, as a way to win GE’s business.

In other words, don’t forget to share your contact info.

Of course, there are some ground rules to take into account.

So there you have it: do you also think large companies tend to come up with lame online advertising and social media campaigns?

GE thinks if you’re such an expert, you should put your next clicks where your mouth is.