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£30m funding up for grabs for tech projects by UK digital entrepreneurs

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We may have had a change of government but it’s roll on Digital Britain.

At least in regards to a new £18m fund designed to “create the next generation of digital businesses” that was announced by the Technology Strategy Board, the UK government’s innovation agency, back in March.

The fund is looking for “innovative ideas for research and development projects”, and there are two levels of funding on offer: projects of up to £99,000 as part of the fast track, or for larger projects funds of up to £2-3m are available. Successful projects will receive a grant to cover up to 50% of total project costs, although each bid must be made in collaboration with partners from “industry or academia”.

And as is common with these type of state initiatives, the application process is perhaps overly complex, warranting the need for the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) in collaboration with Chinwag to hold a series of free-to-attend briefings on what’s required.

Here’s the when and where:

Oh and there was one held in Newcastle today – sorry folks, we weren’t given much notice either.

  • Alex

    Hi Steve,

    Dates. The Bristol event is on Wednesday, 2nd June and the first London event is on Thursday, 3rd June.


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  • C-Man

    Do entries need to be from the UK? I am a Yank developing a site/app specifically for the UK market.

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